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Partner and Clubs


The be ready Gym is a Qualitop-recognised provider of fitness and personal training and is therefore recognised by health insurance companies.

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Amateur Boxing

Be ready to box is an official member of the SwissBoxing Association.

Nathalie Strassmann is a certified boxing trainer according to SwissBoxing:

Fitness trainer Fitboxing (2018)

Competition trainer (2019)

Member of SwissBoxing

Jugend und Sport

Nathalie Strassmann is a qualified youth and sports leader and is constantly continuing her education:

Youth and Sport Leader in Light-Contact Boxing (2022)

Nathalie Strassmann - Jugend und Sport Leiterin

Light-Contact Boxing

Nathalie Strassmann is a certified light contact boxing coach (2023):

Youth and Sports Coach (2022)

Light-Contact Boxing

SAMI Combat Systems

Nathalie Strassmann has diplomas in the various SAMI Combat Systems:

Krav Maga Concept

SAMI-X Pro (formerly Kapap)


Expandable Baton Concept

Self Defence Stick Concept

Nathalie Strassmann - Krav Maga Instruktorin - SAMI Combat Systems


A great partner for sports courses in the canton of Zurich. 

They also organise the Active City campaign in Winterthur. Various sports courses are being offered free of charge there this year too.

Of course, boxing and self-defence are not to be missed. 



Come along and train with us.


Projekt Atleta Stadt Zürich

The "Atleta" project has the clear aim of increasing the proportion of girls in urban club sports, particularly in sports where this has been low to date. Examples include ice hockey, freestyle sports, boxing and football.Various sub-projects and initiatives are being launched under the umbrella of "Atleta", all of which are aimed at getting more girls interested in these sports. This is achieved by making the relevant sports programmes more attractive or challenging existing role models. The "Atleta" project thus relies on a variety of measures to promote the participation of girls in sport in the long term.


RDX Sports

We obtain a large part of our boxing equipment from RDX Sports.If you want to order something, please let me know.

RDX Sports

Arktis Biopharma Schweiz

Do you want to perform better and recover faster?Sport is fun, but it also brings more stress to the body. It is important to counteract this stress in a targeted manner. Find products here that can optimally support you in your sporting activities and also promote regeneration.



With the code: beready2 you get 10 % off your first order.

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