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Pistole und Munition

Shooting training

"There are 27.6 firearms per 100 inhabitants in Switzerland"

according to SRF, September 2018.

To the article

be ready GmbH offers shooting courses for beginners and advanced shooters.
Whether with a short or long gun, our training courses are characterised by an innovative training methodology, a clear concept and compliance with safety rules. In order to be able to offer serious shooting training, we set the following requirements for participation:

Adult and of legal age
An extract from the criminal record must be submitted in advance
(not older than three months at the time of the shooting training)
An impeccable reputation
No extremist views of any kind
(Persons who appear to be of unsuitable character will not be admitted to training).

Nationals of the following countries are excluded from participation in accordance with the Swiss Weapons Act:Albania

Sri Lanka
Bosnia and Herzegovina


The aim of the basic training is for participants to be able toload and unload a pistol

hit the specified target and

to lose their fear, but never their respect for a weapon







Learning content:Basic safety rules



















Procedures until the shot is fired
Superficial weapon and ammunition knowledge
Aiming procedure
Procedure in the event of a shooting accident

Depending on the training, training is carried out with a pistol, a rifle or RAM weapon (Real Action Marker, similar to paintball but more realistic).

The price for basic pistol training is CHF 330.00 per person.

The price includes
Entry to the shooting range
Rental gun plus ammunition
1h theory / 2h shooting
a confirmation of attendance
a pocket card
an unforgettable experience

Further advanced modules are
Shooting from holster
Shooting on the move
Shooting in the dark
Scenarios with RAM weapons

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