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Fitness and Nutrition

Personal training

Personal Training

Welcome to our personal training programme! We are here to support you on your journey to becoming a fitter and healthier version of yourself by providing individually tailored training and nutritional advice.

The benefits of our personal training offer:
Customised training:
Every person is unique. Our experienced personal trainers will create a training plan that suits your goals, fitness level and schedule.

No time for hour-long workouts? We maximise the efficiency of your training sessions to achieve optimal results in less time.

Motivation and continuity:
Our trainer is your personal motivator. She will help you persevere when the going gets tough and ensure continuous progress.

Expert guidance:
Proper training minimises the risk of injury and maximises progress. Our trainer ensures that the exercises are performed correctly.

Nutritional counselling:
Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. We offer advice and plans to help you reach your goals faster while supporting your health.

Contents of our personal training programme:
Customised fitness plans:
Based on your goals, we develop a plan that integrates strength training and flexibility.

Ongoing adjustments:
Your plan will change as you develop. We adjust it periodically to ensure you are always challenged.

Progression tracking:
We'll monitor your progress to make sure you're on track and adjust the plan as needed.

Nutritional optimisation:
Our nutrition coach will help you improve your eating habits and make healthy choices to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to start your fitness journey? Let's work together to realise your goals and reach your full potential.

Contact us to plan your first personal training session!

is tailored to the specific needs of tennis, golf, hockey and boxing players to maximise their performance on the court and in the ring.

Keiser Functional Training

resistance training.png

The Infinity series from Keiser is the world's first pulley system that is powered by air pressure. This innovative technology enables training at variable speeds and at practically any angle. Training outside of a closed circuit also helps to improve balance and stability.

The Functional Trainer is a versatile pulley system that enables a variety of exercises. By individually adjusting the arms from top to bottom, the entire body can be trained effectively with just one piece of equipment. The Infinity Kit accessories open up the possibility for all functional movements and exercises. Whether it's rehabilitation (the device even allows training in a seated position, e.g. from a wheelchair), general fitness or highly functional sports training, this device is versatile and therefore the ideal choice for any application.



Training with the Keiser Functional Trainer offers numerous benefits for athletes in various disciplines, including

Tennis players:

Improving explosive power and speed, which is crucial for quick changes of direction on the tennis court.

Strengthening the core muscles to increase stability during strokes and movements.

Promote endurance and stamina to improve performance during long matches.

Development of core strength and rotational stability, which are crucial for a powerful swing.
Training the specific muscles required for precision and control when teeing off and putting.
Improve agility and flexibility to optimise the entire swing area.

Hockey player:
Increase leg strength and speed for quick changes of direction and fast sprints on the pitch.
Promote the functional movements required in hockey to improve manoeuvrability and responsiveness.
Strengthen shoulder and arm muscles for powerful shots and passes.

Development of core strength and rotational stability, crucial for powerful swings and movements in the ring.
Targeted training of specific muscles to improve precision and control of punches.
Promoting mobility and flexibility for quick evasive movements in combat.

The Keiser Functional Trainer thus offers holistic training tailored to the specific requirements of tennis, golf and hockey players as well as boxers to maximise their performance on the pitch and in the ring.

High-Intensity Interval Training


Discover the world of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - the ultimate way to take your fitness to the next level.

Our HIIT workouts offer a wealth of benefits:

Efficient training:
Achieve maximum results in just a short time.

Fat burning in turbo mode:
HIIT promotes afterburning, so calories are burned even after the workout.

Maintaining muscle mass:
Combination of cardio and strength exercises for toned, defined muscles.

No equipment required:
Work out anytime, anywhere with minimal equipment or even no equipment at all.

Our content covers everything you need for a successful HIIT workout:Varied workouts:
From beginner to advanced, we offer different intensity levels and workout lengths.

Expert-led instructions:
Our experienced trainer will show you how to perform exercises correctly to avoid injury.

Training plans:
Structured plans to achieve your fitness goals - be it weight loss, increasing endurance or building muscle.

Motivating community:
Join our community, share your progress and be inspired by like-minded people.

Ready to push your limits? Immerse yourself in the energy and effectiveness of HIIT and transform your body with us!

Take along:
- Indoor shoes
- sportswear
- towel
- Water bottle

Courses for schools and sport clubs

Selfdefence workshops for schools

We offer customised fitness training for clubs and companies to motivate your teams, promote their health and achieve fitness goals together.

Our offer for clubs and companies provides clear added value:

Team strengthening:
Training together promotes team spirit, strengthens co-operation and improves communication.

Health awareness:
Individualised fitness plans and group activities motivate your members or employees to take care of their health.

Increased productivity:
Regular exercise can increase concentration, creativity and productivity, which has a positive impact on everyday working life.

Reducing stress:
Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress. Training together can significantly reduce stress levels in the team.

Customised training:Be ready develops programmes that meet the individual needs and goals of your group.

We adapt to your schedule, whether before, during or after working hours, to integrate the training as seamlessly as possible. 
Training can take place at the be ready Gym or at your location, be it a gym or a company fitness room / meeting room.

Take the first step towards a healthier, more active and energised group.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your team on the road to better fitness!

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