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Pepperspray Course

First of all: pepper spray is legal in Switzerland and a legitimate means of self-defence.

Advantages of pepper spray:

Is not a lethal "weapon" and does not cause any damage

Can be used at a distance

Easy to use (if learnt and practised)


Learn how to use pepper spray correctly for self-defence in this course.



Learning content:

Legal basics

Mental preparation

Standard deployment scheme

Active defence techniques according to the SAMI Combat System

Scenario training with training pepper spray (if desired with "perpetrator" in protective suit)

Behaviour after the operation

Purchase recommendations


Training is carried out with a training spray without irritants.

The self-test at the end with a "hot" spray is optional...

Anyone who has experienced the effect knows that the pepper spray delivers what it promises.



Target audience:

People who are thinking of buying a pepper spray or already own one and now want to learn the skills.

At least 4 people are required for the pepper spray course. 




CHF 100.00 per person



The price includes

two hours of training (theory and practice)

a training spray

a certificate of attendance

an unforgettable experience

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