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Personal Training


Do you want personalised support and coaching? Specially tailored training sessions to help you achieve your goal? Then book a personal training session now.

Possible training content:
Olympic boxing / fit boxing / light contact boxing
Self-defence on the basis of Krav Maga
Fitness trainingWeight reduction
Muscle building
Improving fitness
Shooting training (athletic, tactical)
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (introduction)
HEMA (European sword fighting)



The first evidence of fistfighting in Egypt and Greece dates back to around 3000 BC. Modern boxing developed later in England. The first documented fight took place there in 1681. Boxing matches became increasingly popular. In 1867, the first competition rules, the Queensberry Rules, were drawn up.
Boxing and the rules continued to develop. Boxing was held for the first time at the 1904 Olympic Games. Olympic boxing, also known as amateur boxing, was born. In 2012, women also competed in the Olympic boxing tournament for the first time.
What can you expect from boxing training at be ready?
Respectful behaviour despite disciplined training management
Challenging lessons with different content
Knowledge transfer: basic punches and the different types of defence
Motivation and fun
No macho behaviour

Many schools are increasingly incorporating light contact boxing into school sport.
Write me a message without obligation. I would be happy to come round and teach the students.


The origins of Krav Maga go back to Imrich Lichtenfeld, who was born in Budapest in 1910 and grew up in Bratislava. Lichtenfeld was a successful boxer and wrestler and had learnt jiu-jitsu techniques from his father, a policeman. In the 1930s, Lichtenfeld taught his fighting method for the first time in order to support the Jews living there against anti-Semitic attacks. Lichtenfeld emigrated from Slovakia in 1940. After an adventurous escape and a period in the British army, he was allowed to enter Palestine in 1942. There he became a close combat instructor in the Israeli army. After his time in the army, Imrich Lichtenfeld adapted military Krav Maga for police officers and civilians.
I started Krav Maga training with the Krav Maga Defcon Association and switched to the SAMI Combat System Association, which was founded by Peter Weckauf and Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal in Vienna, in winter 2017. In summer 2022, I passed my black belt exam and am the only black belt holder in Switzerland.

What can you expect from be ready training?
Respectful interaction despite disciplined training management
Challenging lessons with different content
Knowledge transfer: basic strikes, defence techniques against strikes, holds, etc.
Climate conducive to learning
Food for thought for your mental preparation

Motivation and fun

Various schools have booked violence prevention and self-defence courses.
Be it on the occasion of a project week, a recent incident or simply as prevention.
Write me a message without obligation.
I would be happy to come and teach the students.


  • Is pepper spray legal in Switzerland?

  • Do you have a long journey home and feel uncomfortable from time to time and would like to change this?Do you want to know how to fend off an attack without hurting the other person?
    Do you want to know how to hold a pepper spray correctly and use it in accordance with the law?
    Are you toying with the idea of buying a pepper spray, but don't know where and which one?

  • Find out the answers and much more in the pepper spray course!

Courses for schools and sportclubs

Courses for schools

Courses at schools, for clubs, for youth clubs, school social work, after-school care centres with individually tailored content such as

Prevention of violence (legal content, posture, demeanour)

Self-defence, self-assertion, verbalisation

Light contact boxing (recognised for youth and sport)

Sexting, sexual harassment

My body belongs to me

Fighting games

Civil courage

Courses for companies

Courses for companies

Courses for companies with individual programme content:

Prevention of violence (legal content, posture, demeanour)
Self-defence, self-assertion, verbalisation
Safety in the workplace
Team building
Dealing with difficult customers
Sexual harassment at work and on the way home

Birthday and other events


One-off courses as a birthday present, on the occasion of an anniversary or stag/bachelor party:

Self-defence workshop
Pepper spray course
Boxing workshop with mini tournament
Team building
Parkour with different tasks (which team wins?)

Shooting courses


Be ready GmbH offers shooting courses for beginners and advanced shooters.
Whether with short or long guns, the training courses are characterised by an innovative training methodology, a clear concept and compliance with safety rules. 

Dry fire courses are also offered so that the first manipulation can be learnt safely and without pressure. The inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to "live" shooting in the shooting range. 

Finally, the programme also includes courses with RAM weapons. Almost like paintball, only more realistic.

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