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Nathalie Strassmann

Even as a child, she wanted to compete with the stronger and fought for justice. No sooner said than done, Nathalie began her fighting career with judo and shooting.
Boxing and Krav Maga later replaced judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was added a few years ago.

Her joy in movement and instructing is noticeable for every student.

After completing her high school diploma, Nathalie joined the Schaffhausen police force in 2008. There she trained as a personal security instructor and instructed the main corps, but also taught at the Eastern Switzerland Police School in Amriswil.
After 9 years in the police force, she ended her career as a corporal in the criminal investigation department and founded her first company.

About me

be ready Gmbh was founded in January 2023.

The company is based in beautiful Seuzach.

Nathalie Strassmann, the founder and owner, is
- Former policewoman (9 years, security police, criminal police, trainer at the police academy Ostschweiz)
- Black belt in Krav Maga (SAMI Combat System, the only woman alongside Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal)
- Certified boxing trainer (Swiss Boxing, fit boxing trainer, box-competition trainer, light-contact boxtrainer)

- Youth and Sports Leiterin (J&S BASPO)
- Blue Belt in BJJ (Gracie Jiu Jitsu)
- Purple Belt in Luta Livre
- Certified nutrition coach
- TRX instructor
- Experienced shooter (sports and tactical shooting)
(Air rifle, small caliber rifle, assault rifle, pistol / sports shooter, Schaffhausen police, Sheepdog Response)
- HEMA Monitor (Swiss HEMA Association)
- HEMA competitor world ranking < 20 (year 2022)


January 2023 - 

July 2017 - December 2022

October 2008 - July 2017

August 2004 - July 2008

Managing director and owner of be ready GmbH

Managing Director, co-owner and co-founder of
ars pugnandi GmbH is part of it

  • SAMI Center Winterthur / Krav Maga Winterthur

  • Faustkampf

  • BJJ Winterthur

  • Swashbuckler

Corporal in the Schaffhausen police

  • Criminal investigation, manhunt

  • Teacher at the Police Academy Ostschweiz

  • Members of various special groups

Matura, modern language profile at the Schaffhausen Cantonal School / High School

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